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English for Architects and Urban Planners IV (ID3124)




Hello! Welcome to mi wiki. My name is Muriel and I am an Urban Planner.

I am almost at the end of my carrer so, I have a lot to say about cities. The ones that are above this text are Caracas (my city) and San Francisco. As you can see, urban planning deals with both, global and local, scales of intervention. That is one of my favourite things about my carrer; I also love to understand  how cities and society are related and the relatioships between development and cities.




I am hoping this course can teach me a lot of glossary about urban planning, not only for my academic development but also because I would like to travel and work in other countries too, and then bring all that experience to apply it in my beloved contry, Venezuela.




By the way, the two cities shown down here are Boston (its Common) and Bogotá, a great city that we need to take as an example of good planning and politic effort.


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