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Quiz 1

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Quiz 1


These are my answers to Quiz 1...



Ø      A framework of connected members, usually made from steel, which together bear the loads on a bridge is callled "Truss"



Ø   How would you call this bridge?

An arch bridge


Ø      A girder bridge is perhaps the most common and most basic bridge. A girder bridge is also called

b) A Beam Bridge


Ø      A typical --------------- bridge is a continuous girder with one or more towers erected above piers in the middle of the span. From these towers, cables stretch down (usually to both sides) and support the girder.

b) Cable Stayed Bridge


Ø      How would you classify this bridge?

Arch Bridge


Ø      Of all the bridge types in use today, the ----------------- bridge allows for the longest span

Cable Stayed Bridge


Ø      What type of bridge is this?

Truss Bridge


Ø      Among the following options, the best contruction material for a beam bridge is....

Wood and Stone


Ø      Is this a canteliver bridge?

b. No, it isn't





Piers are the vertical structure that supports a bridge. They are not often taken in account as a beautiful an important part of a bridge; they are usually the ones that remain after a disaster, mainly because they must be located over solid rock to be stable.



To build a pier or a group of them represents a technical problem: in many parts of the history of bridges and construction the process that took the longer time was the piers. This is a direct consequence of the location of piers: in order to support a bridge, piers must be in most of the cases, underwater; rising the pressure that they need to support producing technical problems.



Piers therefore, must be taken in account when the bridge is built and designed as a main element that provides support and stability to the bridge.




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