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TTS (Text-To-Speech)


This is the text I chose to apply TTS, I hope you like it!

(taken from: http://www.dse.vic.gov.au/DSE/nrenpl.nsf/LinkView/EBFFDB746A944084CA256D480003CEE0EA8D13D55F262809CA2572DA007E2C7E)




What is Urban Design?


Urban Design is the practice of shaping the physical features of settlements to create places for people and to make high-quality connections between people, places and buildings.


While creating places for people, urban design must respect and enhance the natural environment and use resources efficiently.


Successful urban places are:


Walking is the social glue that holds public environments together.



Safe environments encourage community interaction and reduce the incidence of crime.


Active and varied

Human activity is the reason cities exist and activities in and overlooking public spaces contribute to safety and well being.



Our society embraces all people. Design of public spaces must integrate and balance the needs of all users allowing fair and free access.



People seek out places that interest and engage them.


Ecologically Sustainable


The natural environment is the basis of all human activity. Sustainable urban design safeguards natural systems and uses resources efficiently.




Cities are constantly evolving. Successful public places accommodate and encourage a variety of uses, at different times of day.




Urban design uses the climate and topography of natural and built assets to create distinctive places that reflect and contribute to local character and identity.



Improving the way public spaces work not only makes them more enjoyable; it has an economic pay-off.


Better-designed spaces make more efficient use of resources and attract more businesses.



Using TTS for the first time...


I have never used TTS, so the experience is quite new. I enjoy the fact that we can hear in the voice of other people a text we chose. It is a great tool for education,  especially to enchance our talking habilities. It is also a good way to share our thoughts to others trough intenet.


I think i am going to use this tool for now on to improve my conversational english skills! =D



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